You cannot survive on LOVE

survive on love or money

Love! I don’t think the English dictionary has a more powerful word than this. I also personally believe that the human race is not bestowed with a more exquisite emotion than Love. The most overpowering emotion that has an immense capability to make you the most focused self of your lifetime.

Oh!!!!! The word and the feeling that it comes with is quite awesome and every time I try to describe this feeling I happen to scratch every corner of my brain to pull out some appropriate adjectives but never has it happened that the words matched this wonderful feeling, So, let it be, let’s carry on with the workflow of love.

Soon after that person starts to flow in your blood streams your desire grows, you want to give an official name to this relationship and marriage comes into the picture. So after marriage and after honeymoon comes the bitter truth of life, you need to pay the bills.

Yes, the fairyland changes in a world where peeing also requires money. The world which gives much more importance to the printed economy than love.

Because the ongoing need to pay the bills can put a damper on a relationship, smart couples talk about money before they talk about forever.

Are you really compatible?

You love her, she loves you, your interests match, you both love the same cuisine, your families get along very well etc. etc. Is this all? Yes, this stuff is required but what is must is money, a good financial planning, the only thing that can make your life a better place to be in.

You may have loved her wardrobe when you were dating her, but you didn’t know that she had bought it with a credit card and will be paying the interest on it for the next 20 years?

She may have loved your exotic sports car and the endless romantic long drives when you were dating but she never realized that the monthly EMI of that thing can wipe out a heck lot of money from both of your paychecks?

Both of you must be having quite a lot of fond memories of candlelight dinners, late night pub visits, few romantic steps and loads of lovely words, but building a future together requires more than just dining and dancing. What I mean to say is marriage is altogether a different cup of tea or a glass of sharbat, I don’t know whatever you like to call it be it hot or sweet but is definitely different from dating.

In marriage you will be legally combining your financial affairs; therefore, once you are married, your spouse’s choices will have a great impact on your ability to meet your future financial goals.

Trust me on this, after marriage deleting his number from your phone and blocking him just because he was taking a puff of cigarette won’t mean a break up and the funniest part of it is,Rs 10 which was used to buy a cigarette could have brought a packet of Maggie for YOUR child, to be more precise than Rs 10 could have bought your child a breakfast.

Reality check

To paint your financial future beautifully on a canvas, you need to take a look where each of you stands today. Your combined incomes will need to cover the cost of all your living expenses, including your outstanding debts, car loans, school loans, house loans, credit card bills and the list continues. Creating a budget can definitely help you with this.

If you are in your mid-twenties and you are pretty confident that you are going to marry your girlfriend and things are quite stable for your families then start saving from now, make a joint account and start dumping your extra money into that, invest jointly in a mutual fund or an insurance policy to get high returns in future. I know these topics don’t find their place in a candlelight dinner or a long romantic drive but they must find a place somewhere between your endless night chats or casual afternoon calls.

Let’s Act

If Ed Sheeran’s Thinking out Loud or the rose-colored glass has kept you from getting around to talking about money, it’s time to take them off, or at least mute the song for a moment. Get some time to discuss your financial goals before sending your wedding invitations.

Money is nothing but the bloodline of our society, you need these printed papers to buy your dreams. It’s time to keep the romantic dreams aside because living on love is only possible in pop songs and Bollywood movies. In real life, marriage is both a serious matter and a legal contract. So, plan your togetherness with both love and money.



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