survive on love

You cannot survive on LOVE

Love! I don’t think the English dictionary has a more powerful word than this. I also personally believe that the human race is not bestowed with a more exquisite emotion than Love. The most overpowering emotion that has an immense capability to make you the most focused self of your lifetime. Oh!!!!! The word and […]

Eating out: The biggest reason behind your low bank balance

  How much money are you having in your wallet now? Well, let me see, I have a 50 rupee note. To be honest with you, I found it in a barely usable condition from the least hovered corner of my purse. After reading these two lines you people are probably making some assumptions about […]

bitcoin-the future currency

BITCOIN: The future currency

Gone are the days when a computer was a dream and digitalization was the target for the government to achieve. This is the 21st century, the era which will be remembered by the name of digital revolution. In this fast changing world where everything is just a few clicks away, the bloodline of this society, […]

uber taxi

The story of Uber

Ingenious technology, dynamic management, and constant controversy garnished beautifully over an exemplary service, today makes Uber the highest valued private startup company in the world. Valued by investors at $70 billion, it exceeds the behemoths of the automotive sector like Ford, General Motors, and Honda. The skyrocketing valuation of Uber has triggered ongoing debates that […]



Most of us are taught about everything but the most important stuff. The truth about life, death, love, religion, you name it they’ve skipped it. When it comes to money, as children and while growing up, we are only taught the stereotypes – ranging from the usual – earn more, save more, never go into […]

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