Diversified portfolio

Passive Investing Strategy- Risk is no longer a factor you need to worry about

If you are a long term investor this is yet another strategy for you. The passive investment strategy is a long-term index fund trading. Here you need to maintain a diversified portfolio to gain earnings. You have to perform a minimum level of buying and selling of stocks and once you have bought you have […]

Buy and hold investment strategy

Make your Retirement plans secure with Buy and Hold Investing Strategy

Long term players here I have one more strategy for you. Basically, this is in line with all other long-term investment strategies as the key factor remains the same. You live fearlessly and risk-free and wait for the overall growth and neglect the temporary fall of price from any profit loss or other factors. As […]

Active Investing

Few minutes and you can earn up to 10,000 Bucks using Active Investment Strategy

If you are a beginner and want to indulge yourself in trading this strategy can be a little painful. This is particular for skilled traders who can hook up themselves all the time to market screen. Active investment strategy describes investment to an investment fund which involves actively managing the portfolio, through analysis with frequent […]

Never Miss any opportunity to book profit with Market timing Investing Strategy

If you are one of those who misses the opportunity to enter and exit perfect market timing, you need to follow this strategy. Market timing strategy enables investors to make secure entry and exit from the market by analyzing the trend and book your profit at the time of exit. It enables investor for secure […]

Defensive investing strategy

Pick stocks that will never fall using Defensive Investing Strategy

Think how it feels when you buy a particular stock and find that it’s price keep on going up regardless of market variations. Who doesn’t want their stock to keep moving upward? Anyway, when you look for the price you may find to be a greater and better profit margin. This strategy is for those […]

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