Bollinger band guide

Bollinger Band: The ultimate guide for day traders

Not every price what you see in the market has the same interpretation. The market tries to communicate something different each day with its price actions. Bollinger band will help you to know which price action is weak and which one is strong to drive the market in a particular direction of the trend. It […]

Price fluctuation

How to read Candlestick chart?

If you are going to step in the world of trading the very first thing that you need to learn is how to read a candlestick chart. This has been predominantly used around the globe and is considered the most reliable source of information. If you know how to interpret candlestick chart patterns you can […]

Ticker Tape

How to read a Ticker Tape?

I still remember that during my childhood days when my father used to watch news channels I wondered, why some colorful numbers with arrows and symbols are moving at the bottom of my tv screen endlessly. Not only this, these numbers kept on changing. I used to ask my father why do you bother watching […]

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