Technical indicator

The top 4 accurate technical indicators every investor must know

When it comes to market analysis and predicting its behavior technical analysis and chart patterns form the basis of examining price actions. You just cannot do technical analysis on a fly rather I would say it is an art of forecasting future price based on past price movements. It is not gambling rather has a […]

MACD: The ultimate guide for Buy and Sell timing indicator

When I talk about technical indicators the very first tool that come in my mind is MACD or Moving average convergence divergence. This is the most widely used indicator among the investors. The reason is, with this indicator you can analyze the momentum of price. MACD gives the interpretation of momentum of the price trend. […]

Identify trend reversal with Spinning top candlestick pattern

  If you are investing in stocks and observe price variations through chart patterns you would know how important and critical it is to identify a trend. Every price movement in the market forms part of a trend that may be upward, downward or sideways. Market moves in trend and the crucial part for an […]

technical analysis

Technical analysis: know it’s need before you perform

Introduction One fine morning, one of my friends called me out as it was his first day of trading and I was there to help him in technical analysis. The very first question he asked was how these chart patterns and technical indicators can help forecast the price conditions. What actually works behind the concept […]


Use Stochastic Oscillator : The easiest indicator for beginners to identify trend

  Trading experience gets refined when you use indicators that can help you predict future. Today you will find every trader is influenced by this technical indicator, the Stochastic oscillator helps you to predict future. Yes, you can predict the price trend direction with this indicator. But that can also be analyzed with other indicators, […]

Candlestick indicator

Are you missing these 5 critical signs from candlestick chart?

Any trader may be a beginner or a professional, the very first thing he does while analyzing a stock is analyzing its price chart. Now price chart is in the form of a bar chart, line chart, points and figure chart and the most used and reliable form of the chart that is candlestick chart. […]

Steady accumulation

Enter the market with just 100 bucks and follow Steady Accumulation Investing Strategy to become a Millionaire

  You are a beginner and want to try your hand in the market but not have sufficient fund? To make a significant profit you need to invest a good sum of money. I know many of you don’t have the sum to invest at once and as a beginner, it is also very courageous […]

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