Eating out: The biggest reason behind your low bank balance

  How much money are you having in your wallet now? Well, let me see, I have a 50 rupee note. To be honest with you, I found it in a barely usable condition from the least hovered corner of my purse. After reading these two lines you people are probably making some assumptions about […]

need for an investment

The need for investment

“It’s not your salary that makes you rich; it’s your spending habit”                                                             -Charles A Jaffe So let’s learn how and where to spend your salary to become rich. We will go deep into the topics of investments and personal finances but let’s first build the foundation. You must clearly understand two concepts, that is ASSETS […]



Most of us are taught about everything but the most important stuff. The truth about life, death, love, religion, you name it they’ve skipped it. When it comes to money, as children and while growing up, we are only taught the stereotypes – ranging from the usual – earn more, save more, never go into […]

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